Meta: It's 
Your World

Building a motion universe for Meta’s newest campaign.

Irreverent, bold & big-hearted

Meta was on a mission to expand its user base with a bold new brand positioning and campaign. The team approached us to bring the campaign to life with a motion identity and guidelines to match. 

The challenge? Evolving Meta’s visual language in a way that embodied its campaign message and re-engaged young adult audiences.

It's Your World

Meta’s brand positioning was focused on connecting people to give them more agency in their world. The campaign was designed to take viewers inside the worlds of different content creators, celebrating what’s possible when passion and people meet Meta’s technologies.

We were tasked with building a consistent and dynamic motion identity to bring each creator world to life, creating an immersive viewer experience that incorporates Meta’s messaging and brands. 

Our motion strategy was grounded in UI to tell the story of Meta’s technologies and how they give people agency in their world, implying the active use of platforms through connection, friendship and community. To tell that story in an immersive and impactful way, we set out to build on Meta’s existing branding with elements that highlighted each world’s unique qualities.

Motion identity & storytelling

We took ownership of Meta’s motion identity, crafting a dynamic system with enough range for infinite creator worlds.

To start, we assessed Meta’s existing brand elements and how to leverage them in a way that captured the playfulness of the campaign, with room for work-in-progress content. From there, we aligned on three core components to make the campaign feel immersive, comprehensive, and utterly usable: floating elements, intros & outros, and UI animations.

We looked at floating elements to bring creator worlds to life with energy and detail, intros & outros to increase brand attribution, and UI animations to integrate platforms with respect to app-specific guidelines. Along the way, we played with secondary elements that didn’t make the final cut, but were repurposed into social templates for the brand.

Guidelines & components

We focused on building a cohesive and consistent system to maximize campaign comprehension and ease of use. We organized campaign elements into intros and outros, giving each creator world the same mix of elements for consistent storytelling.

Our final system included animations (capped at 15’s to maximize viewer attention), platform-specific UI, segment transitions, and guidelines that make it easy for Meta to create and customize countless creator worlds.

Working in real-time

Our partnership was defined by close collaboration and steady iteration. Meta was finalizing the campaign while we were working on the motion identity and guidelines, so every meeting was an opportunity to workshop updates and ideas. 

By refining the work in real time, we were able to reach a shared level of depth and understanding. Meta noticed the intent behind every decision and was consistently excited by the options we brought to the table, paving the way for an inspiring and productive partnership.

Client Meta
Services Motion Identity, Motion System
Year 2023
Team Andrew Vucko Cass Wesenhagen John Szebegyinszki Pedro Aquino Valerie Bourdon Our friends at Hornet Our friends at Meta
"Thank you so much for going above and beyond. The depth of exploration and quality of the work was great. Y’all killed it!"
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