Spotify: Wrapped 2023

Bringing to life a motion identity that is as dynamic as your top creators.


Delivering a new, playful motion identity + system for Spotify’s 2023 Wrapped, based on the design and identity crafted by Spotify’s In-House Creative team. As veteran and trusted partners, Vucko and the Hornet team began the creative undertaking with an understanding of the core ethos of the Spotify brand. We were able to work collaboratively and efficiently with the Spotify In-House Creative team, and ultimately push the motion in fresh and unexpected ways. 

The resulting motion system embodies the spirit of this year’s design language and seamlessly scales for global touchpoints- from social and web to DOOH and in product. Vucko created a motion system for Spotify’s 2023 Wrapped toolkit, which helped third-party partners maintain consistency and cohesion as the campaign charted its course across the world.


Spotify’s Wrapped has become an annual mainstay in pop culture. Year-long anticipation culminates in a blast of celebration as people across the world share their Spotify Wrapped results online. Spotify users look forward to the surprise of their results, brought to them in a brand new design and motion expression each year.

Design & Deliverables

In collaboration with Spotify’s In-House Creative team, Vucko’s mission was to develop a motion identity that pushes the design ethos forward and create a set of different motion treatments that could exist harmoniously within that identity. We also needed to consider how type, lockups, and imagery moves and creates hierarchy through motion within each ecosystem.


Through years of partnership with Spotify’s In-House Creative team, we’ve been able to cultivate a deep understanding of the Spotify brand. In our fourth year collaborating on Spotify’s Wrapped, we began the production process with an appreciation for the ethos of the campaign and a working relationship with Spotify’s In-House Creative team.

The Vucko team worked holistically with Spotify’s 2023 Wrapped campaign outputs in mind to build a motion system that could scale globally across this massive campaign.

Client Spotify
Services Motion Identity, Motion System
Year 2023
Team Director: Vucko Production Co: Hornet

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